Monday, February 16, 2009

History. White Slavery, Picts, Scots, the Caribbean, Skye

Slavery and Europe

The Scots? Enslaved? This land of castles and monarchies - how did that happen.

History hides. What does history say about slavery and the Scots? Among the oldest enslaved peoples on earth are, says this site, the Pics (same as the Picts from our school days?), the Irish and the Scots, and then a group named the "Alba," see  Where does that term originate. From the word meaning white, more likely than merely Albania?  See the BBC on the Alba at The history of the Scots as a group aggregated now, is the history of separate tribal groups, and migrations, Roman Empire incursions and withdrawals.  Since the 1st Century BC, for a chronology of human trafficking as it relates to Scots, see White Slavery: What the Scots Already Know, at the Electric Scotland site.  Find names and events related to the enslavement and sale of Scots in the New World, including judges in Edinburgh regularly shipping the less savory rogues off to the North American colonies, and Rouen, France, as a favored shipping point, at the White Slavery site.

We had been told of the slave trade at Dunvegan, the castle on Skye that is the home seat of the MacLeod clan - a distant name-related connection, although probably no actual people directly derived.

See the castle at Scotland Road Ways, Dunvegan. There, at the water line, is where the boats would glide up at night to pick up the captives, and haul them away to the ships to the colonies.