Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stirling. Robert the Bruce. And Independence

Update to 2014.  Scotland may press, and possibly succeed, in seeking independence. Who is to judge?  Issue ongoing.

Look back, however, at Robert the Bruce, 1279-1329.  He. as King of Scotland at the time, fought for that against the English with their overwhelming resources and military experience, and lost.  That is the tale and impression.

  • Or did he? Robert the Bruce was indeed mortally wounded, and his army was small and badly equipped, but there is more.  The cause was not lost; but instead the battle was a victory for R the B and his men.  Update 2014:  The  Financial Times recounts a more accurate assessment:  see Don your 3D glasses to fight Scotland's 'auld enemy' from April 5-6, 2014 at 
  • Bannockburn brainwashing: the term in the article for revisionist history. And a new video and game at the visitors' center now shows that.

So independence was not wrought by all force;  it took a treaty some 400 years after Bannockburn to establish full political union, and settle the issue.  See Scots independence issues, Global post, at  England is not keen.  They had the military victory, but apparently hearts and minds remain elusive..
How many families, including ours, with both Ireland and Scotland roots, and English, have put a Robert Bruce in every generation.  Does that mean we are related?  Probably not.  Fantasizers like to think so, even if through the time-honored route of bastardy, as was William the Conqueror. A bastard, that was, as probably were our forbears.  Wonderful, but hardly in "the line." Independence for Scotland.  The fantasist likes it. Scots independence. Salute, with a balance needed so the common good is served, both sides.

The usual photos of R the B seem remote, medieval, not connected.  We prefer ours.  ROBERT THE BRUCE.  See above.  A mind, a body, an intelligence, a strength, a leadership, not to be diminshed by statuary presented in the usual way, interchangeable.  He needs to be on his horse. Not this tripe: see yjr BBC -- usually, and here, a reliable fact source:

This, a tribute to our family's most recent, Robert Bruce McConaghy.  Hi, Rob. Will a niece, a nephew, a child, a cousin, pass on the tradition. Tradition of naming.  The actual genes do not matter.  The heart does. The heart of Robert the Bruce, severable from other remains. Heart at Melrose Abbey, or elsewhere, not diggable. See the fate of the heart at

A family value, with or without genes to boot:  autonomy regardless of gender or surrounding ideologies from people with steeples. Go, R the B. See your sword in the displays at Stirling Castle.  Huge.  Enormous.  Whose arm could wield but thine.  Go, R the B.  Fitness with a purpose.